Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Little Worried

It 's gettting closer to weigh in day (Tuesday) amd I'm a little worried. I haven't been the best this past week. My workouts have been awesome and a ton of fun, but my eating hasn't been on track like it is supposed to be. I feel like a failure.

I know to not beat myself up about it, but that high that I feel after losing weight has really started to feel good. I want my husband to be proud of me. I know he is because he likes to pick on me when I'm working out, but then he will say something like, "At least your doing soemthing!" I know that sounds like he is being mean, but that is how his personality is. He likes to poke fun at me, and vise versa.

I really am proud of myself for getting up in the mornings and working out, but today is not going so great. Saturday, and Donald is at work. That leaves me here with a bunch of bad stuff to eat and no one to keep me away.

Confession: We ate out last night. After being on a budget and eating at home so much, pay day means eat out day.

Cheer: I worked out yesterday morning and felt great all day long! I plan on working out this afternoon when kiddos are taking their nap!

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  1. Of course i don't mind if you follow my blog. Followers are encouraging & i need all the encouragement i can get! HAHA. Good luck on your journey! :)


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