Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today won't be a long post. I had a bad day yesterday when it came to food. I had a donut, two cookies, and had snacks I shouldn't have had. I didn't do enough to screw up my weight, but I still feel yucky.

I have been getting in more water throughout the day. I never really did that before, so that's good.

I had a dream last night that turned into a nightmare. I've been up since 3am, so no workout this morning. I think today is just going to be not a good one. We shall see.

Just kinda feeling down in the dumps right now. Ready for the week to be over. I have a lot to do this weekend workout wise if I want to continue with a good weightloss for the week.

Confession: Not feeling motivated right now.

Cheer: I'm not going to quit.

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  1. Have you ever thought of trying Weight Watchers? It seems like cutting out some of your favourite foods is causing you to binge.

    Weight watchers doesnt restrict any foods, it teaches portion control.


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