Friday, January 15, 2010

Harder than I thought

So, here I am being real again. It is so easy to put on the weight and it is ten times harder to take it off. I am frustrated because its like I take a giant leap forward just to fall into a giant black pit.

I am talking about us going out to eat last night. It has been two weeks since we have gone out and I was going crazy. A few months ago we were eating out every meal. Not because I can't cook for my family ( I have the last two weeks). I think its because I was so tired all the time from being over weight that I didn't care. My legs have started to hurt, my back has shoots of pain, and I was even starting to get black circles under my eyes. I even have three huge pimples on my chin!! I am not a teenager anymore!!

I honestly had a met down the other morning becuase a could not fit into one of my fvorite pairs of pants that I could a couple of weeks ago. They had just come out of the dryer and I was just feeling extra fat that morning. I was not happy. I couldn't find my fat sucker inner and so I just threw the pants down and had a mini hissy fit. I did not like what I saw in the mirror that morning. Yesterday was a little better.

Confession: I hate a hamburger, fries, and a large cherry coke for dinner last night, but afterwards felt sick because I hadn't had that much greese in awhile.

Cheer: I forgot my lunch yesterday at home so I ordered a salad from the school instead of goint to the snack bar for my favorite pizza. I even had a botle of water and didn't order a cookie!!

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  1. Its ok to have a hissy fit when you feel the need for it. Its kind of crappy but you feel so much better after letting it all out!


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