Monday, January 18, 2010

Guilt and Hope

Yesterday I felt really guilty because I had....McDonalds for lunch. Donald had gotten home from cleaning up at the cookoff and he was too tired to go anywhere to eat. I suggested Subway, but something in me wanted McDonalds. I tried fighting it off, but it won. The whole time I was eating it, the guilt consumed me and I didn't enjoy the food like I used too. I know I was going to have to write about it and everyone would see what I had done. I also felt guilt for myself because I know how hard I had tried this weekend. I felt like I had let myself down.

There is hope though! I threw out the rest of my Dr. Pepper. The guilt was so bad that I didn't even finish it. I also drank two waters to try and help counteract the Dr. Pepper. Today I had two hard boiled eggs and half a wheat bagel with a tablespoon of peanut butter. I also had a 1/2 cup of 1% milk.

There is hope because yesterday at the store I stuck with my meal plan and wouldn't let Donald upset me. He kept giving me looks when I would pile on the fruits and veggies. Thats the only snack I get so I am going to get a whole bunch of them!! He also gave me dirty looks when I bought my bagels. He sees all of this as a waste of money. Maybe after I lose a couple more pounds from this he will be a little bit more supportive.

Confession: I had MCDonalds for lunch and I am still working on my addiction to sunflower seeds.

Cheer: I bought a ton of veggies and fruits for snack this week and I made a meal plan that will work in my diet plan and it will still taste good!!

Tomorrow is my weigh in date!!

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  1. Don't let anyone stand in your way, not even people you love dearly. You can do this and they will be proud of you in the end. Sometimes change is hard, and your new lifestyle isn't just affecting you, its affecting Donald too. He will get used to all of this soon enough. You're doing a great job of posting and keeping on track!!!


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