Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weigh in Day

Well, I feel somewhat of a victory.

Starting Weight: 189
Last Week's Weight: 189
This Week's Weight: 187.6
Total Lost: 1.4

Damn sunflower seeds!!! I knew they would catch up with me sooner or later!! This morning I woke up at 4 for some reason and I was so excited about weigh in this morning that I weighed myself. I was 186. When I woke up again at 5:00 I weighed 187.6. What had happened between that time for my to gain weight? It was those damn sunflower seeds I was eating last night. It was all of that salt!!! Growl!! NO MORE!!!

I lost and I shouldn't get upset that it was a low number. Keep it positive!! (I'm trying to convince myself even though I want to cry)

Anyways, today is my official day to start the Mayo Clinic Diet. I have spent all weekend reading up on it and becoming familiar with it. I have practiced eating only fruits and veggies for snacks. It was hard to do yesterday sitting at home with nothing to do. We shall see how it goes!!

Confession: I had sunflower seeds last night (but no more!!!)
Cheer: I worked out yesterday using the Biggest Loser 2 workout video. Man was my heart pumping!!

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