Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Good morning followers!! Wow! 45 followers!! When I started this blog I didn't think I would have grown to 45 followers. I was just excited to have one!! So, welcome to my world of weightloss!!

Before I get to my title of this post, I wanted to share with you a video I did on my On Demand Channel this morning. I actually woke up later this morning (trying to get over waking up late during Spring Break) but I just wanted to see what the new workout videos were on the boob tube. I cam across one called "Beautiful Belly" and it was only 19 minutes long. I normally do 30 minutes, but since I woke up late I didn't have that time. I decided to do it! The lady that does the Bollywood videos I love did this one too! Too much fun!! It just focused on the belly (my biggest problem after having 2 kiddos). Here is what the video looks like on the cover if you bought it in the store. It is longer than 19 minutes, they just give you a preview on the tv.

Now on to my post title:

When is the last time you said yes to yourself?
This was said on a commercial for buying dresses at some department store. I can't remember which one. It really got me thinking. Before I felt really guilty just going to the grocery store by myself and leaving the kiddos at home with the kiddos. At work I am always saying yes to everyone. I have noticed that lately I have been saying yes to myself a lot more. While I am shedding pounds, I am also shedding my "say yes" to everyone policy. Working out and doing my 5k's are my way of saying yes to myself. It is only for me and not for anyone else. I notice that I am telling my hubby that I am signing up for 5k's not asking him. Something I never would have done if I hadn't dropped some weight.

So, my question to you is, When is the last time you said yes to yourself? Try to do it at least once today!!

Confession: We went out to Hot Biscuit last night, a country buffet, and I had meatloaf. And pie. Wasn't as good as it sounds!

Cheer: I actually got out of bed this morning to workout!! I miss doing it. I just need to get over Spring Break!

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