Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back in Action

Sorry that I have been MIA for the last couple of days. My mother-in-law had surgery to replace a valce in her heart. She is doing much better and will hopefully be moved out of ICU tomorrow evening or Tuesday morning! It was great spending time with my hubbies family. I love it when we can all get together and just talk. I really get along with his Aunts. We have a lot in common.

This has really had me and my hubby talking about our own health. We both have cancer on our sides, his has high blood pressure, diabetes, and colesterol problems. We really had a good heart-to-heart talk about how imprtant it is for us to be around for our kiddos and grand-kiddos in the future. We really want to celebrate a 50th Wedding Anniversary together.

On a lighter note:

I had a fantastic girls night out at the Rodeo to see the BEP. The concert wasn't the best, but the people were=) I will post pictures of my adventure tomorrow morning. I did get my necklace, but I want to wait until I have a fantastic hair and makeup day to show it off!

Here is a woohoo moment I had tonight!! How many of you ladies out there (I do have guy followers!) ever get holes on the insides of your pants where you flabby thighs rub together? Well, Ihave this problem big time. I had one pair of size 12 New York and Co. pants. All my other pants were a size 14, so I wore those pants a lot since they fit better. I ended up with holes in that "down-there" area.

So, hubby took me to the mall and I went to JCPenny tonight to get a new pair. I tried on a 12 and noticed that I still had some sag and baggy areas. I went out and got a size 10 and......drumroll please......they fit!! I was so happy I wanted to scream!! I did a little dance in the dressing room and went out and bought two pairs!! (They were 1/2 off). So, that means that I have gone down 2 pant sizes since I have started this journey. The size 10's were actually a grerat fit and I wasn't busting out of them. The rise came up high enough to kinda hold everything in place. Very Happy=)

Here is a picture of the tag:

Confession: I have had a lot of fast food these past couple of days being at the hospital all day. The chocolate hasn't been a problem, but I had some sunflower seeds.

Cheer: I haven't given up my fight. I am doing a workout video tomorrow morning so I can get back on track. I went to Kroger and bought a ton of fruits and veggies for my snacks this week!!


  1. Good for you! COngrats on getting into the 10s!!!And it's really great that you and your hubs got to talk about your health and future.


  2. i am so glad to hear that your mother in law will be ok. that is scary. thanks for your comment and donation! i am super stoaked for the ride! i am jealous of your size 10 body, but I am getting there! i kind of modified the couch to 5k program to better suit me. i almost have 3 miles in 30 minutes! hooray! i am glad that we are blog friends! thanks for everything!

  3. Congrats on the size 10! And I get holes in my pants, too! I had to replace my work out pants for that reason today.

  4. wow a size 10..that is awesome..im kelli and i love your blog ..it is so cute..hope you have a great day! kelli

  5. Congrats on the size 10!!! That's fabulous!!! When I got to a size 8 I think I screamed so loud in the dressing room someone came to see if I was okay.... well I wasn't just okay I was thrilled! But honestly good for you! You have the whole heart to heart and then learn you are a size 10 you are doing amazing! Keep up the great work!!



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