Thursday, March 25, 2010


First, I wanted to thank everyone for the super kind words you left. I really need someone who knows what I am feeling. That's why I posted last night. I will be forever grateful to everyone on this blog!

This morning I did wake up and do a hip-hop workout video. I wasn't too into it and I think my bad mood woke up with me this morning. I think my hubby senses it too. He tried to snuggle up with my last night and I almost barked his head off. I promised too this morning, but I still woke up with a bad attitude.

I know I can shake this. I need to get my water back under control and no more cokes. I will order my salad from school first thing when I get there so I have no excuse to go out to eat or order crappy food at the snackbar. I have already put the frozen porkchops in the fridge for tonight.

I will make it through this funk. I think it might just take me a couple of days. Thanks again!!

Confession: I'm not feeling too good about myself. Just read the previous post.

Cheer: I did wake up early this morning and worked out.


  1. not to worry at 37 i am right there with you even though it has never been an issue like this before. You saw me....I am two pounds heavier then I was when I delivered K. You know me well enough to know that weight has always been an issue with me....meaning I promised I would not have a problem, and now I do. It is hard but you are my motivation and when I don't want to do it, I think of you.....hang in there you look great and have inspired me to have no excuses only actions.l
    Love ya!

  2. Way to get up early and work out -- that usually seems to cure me of my attitude. You have made the right decisions today!

  3. oh man.. i've been there before..in fact..i'm there kinda? i'm trying to get back into things! my exercise is alright, but my eating..everyday i'm like..oh well..i can start tomorrow..one day won't change anything..and then BAM it's a week later and i'm still fat. AHHHH. :( liposuction anyone?!!! JKKKK.

  4. Another blogger once told me early on that there would be days when I was really with it, that I felt it and was doing really well. She also said that there would be days where I just didnt, and I'd want nothing to do with it. She was SO RIGHT. There are days when I wake up, destroy my day systematically and then blame myself to pieces at night. The next day is always harder actually. Its the day you make the choice to go on, to fall down.

    You are going on, even though you don't feel it. You woke up and made good choices and planned to make more good choices.

    Rock on!

  5. Keep going! We believe in you! I was in a bad mood today too. I just felt yucky like every time I saw my reflection I just was mad with myself. But we are here changing it's all part of a process and no one said change was easy.

  6. Just remember that you are human! You will not be perfect or on point with your diet and excericse everday or even every week of your life. Just keep your motivation and goals in mind. You're disciplined and know how to get what you want. When you feel like you've given up, just kick yourself in the butt and get back on track. I'm sure there will be MANY more stressful weeks in your life, and each time you'll probably slip a little. Don't let it from permanently stopping you. You're doing great. If you don't lose any weight this week or even if you gain some of your 4 lbs back, just tell yourself it's a hurdle. Make your birthday gift to yourself a promise to keep going!


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