Monday, March 8, 2010

Bellydance and Clothes

I just finished doing a 35 minute bellydance workout video and I loved it!! It was so much fun and actually really hard!! I am sweating really, really, bad. Almost as mush as when I run!

Next, some of my fellow bloggers posted pictures for motivation on what they would like to look like at the end of their journey. Or at least a goal of what fit and healthy looks like. I though that was a great idea! Instead of body images, I decided to post outfits that I would like to buy when I have a smaller body. I love, love, love Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft. I actually have a few things in my closet from there, but they are in a size 14 and 16. The clothes look so much cuter on a size 4-8. At the end of this I want to be a size 8. These are the clothes I would like to buy from there:

I just love the bright colors and the layering. I feel like when I layer, it looks too bulky. Plus, I would love to wear jackets with jeans. Isn't the jewelry cute too??

Well, I have to go take a shower before work. I stink!! LOL

Confession: I'm not going to have time to eat breakfast this morning because I slept in.

Cheer: I wok up and worked out even though I felt sick. I also completed Week 3 Day 3 of the Couch to 5k program!!


  1. great goal! i would be happy to just by a 10 by the end of the summer! 8 is a great goal! i am really happy for you and your belly dancing video looks really fun! is there more than just the one video available?
    keep up the good work, you are an inspiration to me!

  2. 2 comments:
    1) I think posting pics like this is a great motivator (versus posting pics of unrealistic body images)!
    2) I honestly think the clothes you choose as motivators would look fantastic on you NOW! I personally think you could pull off ANY of those looks!


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