Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Girl's Night Out

I am finally getting around to posting about my Girl's Night Out at the Black Eyed Peas last week!! I had such a great time hanging out with some other teachers from my school. I am so lucky to have such great friends who are supportive of me and my weightloss journey. I joked with them about taking pictures throughout the night so I can post them on my blog. They laughed at me, but took the photos for me=)

This is me mad because we couldn't find a parking spot.

This is me after almost two hours of driving to find a stupid parking spot.

This is me enjoying an adult beverage!!

Here we are at the Carnival about to leave the Rodeo!!

Thanks girls!!!

Confession: I started off good on my diet today, and ended up not so good!

Cheer: I did my Week 5 Day 1 Couch to 5k last night!! I ran for 5 minutes three times!!


  1. Lookin' sexy hot my friend! Love the eye makeup and hair! Work it girl!

    And OMG, size 10??? Cannot even imagine your excitement when you bought those jeans! Way to go! Please teach me all these tricks (or maybe I'll just come back and read your site) after I have the baby!

  2. You really are looking amazing. I am so glad you had a great time out with your friends! Girl's Nights Out are the best. Love that shirt!

  3. running for 5 minutes is tough once the first few times...great job doing three different sets of it.

  4. I agreeee awesome shirt! I am glad you had fun you deserve it :)


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