Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good night

So last night I hosted a Bunko party at my house. I spent all day scrambling around trying to clean up the house. Which is kinda hard when you have a screaming 8 month old because he is so tired but doesnt want to sleep and a 4 year old that keeps taking everything out that you just put away. To say the least, I got in some exercise from all of it.

Last night I made a healthier version of Tiramisu and everyone just loved it! So proud of myself for making a homemade dessert when everyone else goes and buys one. I also made Sausage Gumbo, a salad, and french bread. Pretty darn delicious.

People kept making nice comments about how good I look for just having a baby and I said thank you. It's so hard to not point out that I have a long ways to go. I just need to accept the praise and move on. I wonder at what point I will be happy with what I look like. I was 120 less than ten years ago and I looked too skinny. I'm thinking 130. When I met my hubby I was 140. That was almost 5 years ago. Hmmm...

Confession: I do not keep a clean house. It took me all day to clean up for people to come over!
Cheer: I drank diet soda last night even though I wanted regular. And I kept to my diet all day. No snacking!!


  1. great job with the no snacking rule you've set.

    I'm not sure about the tiramisu b/c i can't have chocolate - and I've helped my wife make it -- looked gross -- but the other stuff sounded good. Keep up the good work.

  2. I love Tiramisu. I don't eat it often because chocolate is like crack to me... i just keep wanting more. Yes, please accept the compliments your friends are giving you. It takes practice to accept them but you'll get used to it. Great job on keeping to your diet and having diet coke. That's great.

    As for keeping a clean house? I think there are many of us who can do better in that area. Just this morning, I looked at my disgusting shower curtain... When was the last time I scrubbed it?

    Take care Googie

  3. Good for you for making some home made goodness! I'm sure your guests appreciated that. I am also struggling to know what will be my "happy weight". I've been overweight all my life so I'm hoping I can have a realistic idea once I get there of where to maintain.

  4. I love Bunko! I have a Barbie Bunko set! Yay for doing so good! I need to kick my night snacking habit!


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