Monday, March 1, 2010


I have an awesome weekend of exercise. My eating was not up to par. And I am starting to get frustrated that I am not seeing the weight just fall off. I just did a freaking 5k this weekend!! Shouldn't that count for like a pound? I know I don't officially weigh in until tomorrow morning, but when I weighed inthis morning I had gained. Gained?

I here about people doing this challenge about not looking at the scale and that it is just a number. Exactly! It is a number I want smaller!! Isn't that the point??

Sorry. I am just really, really frustrated. I am not anywhere near my first goal of 10 pounds and I have been doing this for a month now. I am really, really frustrated.

I get that I am gaining muscle from running all the time and doing my videos. Should I stop working out? I am just so frustrated!!!!!

Confession: My food was horrible this weekend. We ate out all the time. Could that be my problem??

Cheer: I did my 5k race and loved it!!


  1. Not that this will help, but there are lots of us out there who are in the same boat - the scale will not budge or, worse yet, it creeps upward. Don't lose hope - that scale will move when it's good and ready. You''ll see...

  2. Try to have one really good week. Tell yourself that next week you can do anything you want, but this week you'll exercise a lot, won't eat out, and you'll take the stairs rather than the elevator.

    You can do it!

  3. I am so in the same Boat here but like everyone else told me you just keep going it will show up later.

  4. Keep going because it will get better. Maybe try sticking on plan for the whole week. Don't let yourself be tempted to cave on the weekends. Also, are you keeping track of measurements? You may not be losing pounds because the fat may be being turned into muscle and while the numbers stay the same, you could be losing inches. Don't be hard on yourself. Just write down a goal and plan for the week and stick to it. You're doing great, just keep going :)

  5. I am SO sorry! It doesn't make sense...

    I am like you though--you have to worry somewhat about what the scale says--after all we are trying to lose POUNDS here!! So I get your frustration.

    The science is there though--if you keep after it your body will have to give in and start shedding those pounds..

    Keep your chin up, girl! You did a 5K!!!!Awesome.



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