Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I have no PATIENCE when it comes to this whole working out and eating right thing. I want to see a difference now!! It is driving me crazy!!

I know a difference is happening because I feel different about myself. My self-esteem is on a high right now...until I go shopping for pants...and then it all goes down the drain.

My mid-section needs some major work. After having two kids all of the weight went to my stomach and thighs. My thighs are a little better than before (during the school year I lost quite a bit there), but my stomach is just so gross looking and my pants aren't fitting right there.

I refuse to buy the same size pants that I did when I left school!!! I can wear a size 10 in blue jeans, but I wear a size 14 in dress pants!! GROWL...

Patience Laura, patience....

Confession: We are super tight on money right now because I am going back to school for my Masters. We have to pay the first part of my tuition by August 6th (a little over 1,000) and it is really putting a strain on me and my hubby. This stress is causing a lot of sleepless nights. I want to go back to school, but I feel sooo guilty....

Cheer: I went to the gym today and I burned over 300 calories in 30 minutes!!


  1. Laura, have you considered taking out student loans for your master's? I know that my loans are the only reason I am able to go back to school. You are doing great on the working out and losing weight! Don't be upset about the dress pants size - those always fit different than jeans. The last time I bought some, I had to buy about 4 sizes bigger because of that.

  2. I am not a patient person myself, it drives me crazy that I can't just wake up thin.
    I have always had to buy dress pants in a larger size, I don't know why they can't just make a size 10 a size 10!!!

    About neighbors; this is actually the first place we have ever lived that our neighbors didn't suck. The only exception is this one family on the corner who have the worst kids.

  3. You should try DKNY jeans. I wear a 6 in regular pants and jeans except dkny I am a 2/4 :] LOVE IT! So I never tell people I am a six I always say I am a four pants :]



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