Monday, July 12, 2010

5k race on July 4th!!

So...sorry it has been so long since I have last posted.....Summer days have hit me and I have become so lazy lately...

So, anyways I had a great 5k race on the 4th of July!! I was really worried about it because I was all by myself and I wanted to do really well. I haven't been training as much as I had wanted because life happened and I realized I had two really needy kiddos. LOL.

This is the time I got to the race:

Yep, 5:53 on a Sunday morning....but I was really pumped up about it. The race started at 7, so I used that time to stretch and have one of these:

Yep, that's an Imodium...my stomach was in knots!!

So, how did I do?

I did my 5k race in around 43 minutes and some seconds I can't remember. I wanted to be in the thirties, even if it was like 39 minutes, but I was really proud of myself. I kept thinking that if I had just kicked  it up a little bit at one point, I could have made it under 40. But I am super proud of myself because when I saw that finish line, I didn't stop or slow down. I finished strong and with a big smile on my face! People even clapped at me because some other women were walking across and I didn't!!

After the race I met these really nice ladies who have been running buddies for about a year and they both placed first in their division. They gave me some pointers and of course their times were half what mine were. They said I should be proud of my time and just proud that I am out here doing this. I agreed. They post the top 25 in each age group and I wasn't expecting to see my nae up there, but I did!! I was number 20!! I wasn't last!! I'm not sure how many more were not posted, but I was pretty happy to see my name up there. See how happy I was:

I wanted to thank everyone who encouraged me!!

Confession: Food has sucked!!

Cheer: I have been super active around the house!! Burning those calories!!

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