Thursday, July 22, 2010

I got an award!!

Thanks Lauren at From Hot To Not for this awesome blogger award!! I love your blog back!!

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award....thanks Lauren you are awesome!!
2. Share seven things about you...will post that at the end.
3. Nominate 15 blogs I have newly discovered...will post at end
4. Let them know they got the award...sure!!

Seven Things about Me
1. I have another blog that I write called Bookworm in Training. Go check it out!!

2. My brother broke my growthplate in my left arm when I was 12 and he was 9. If I didn't get it fixed, my left arm would have been shorter than my right.

3. I am very proud to live in Texas. I think that anyone who doesn't live here needs to pack there things up and get here as fast as possible. If I was offered millions of dollars to move to another state I would have to tell them no.

4. I teach students from Mexico who do not know a lot of English and I know no Spanish.

5. I want to be a writer when I grow up. LOL. I am actually writing a book right now called "Dust". I hope to be able to one day quit my job and become a full time writer.

6. I love the smell of a fresh box of crayons. The best gift I even got for my birthdays when I was little was a bunch of art supplies. My mom felt bad just buying me paper and morkers for my birthday, but that is all I wanted!

7. I was on a bowling league from when I was 12 to 18 and even traveled around Texas to compete in tournaments. I even bowled on my college's team for a little while!!

My Fifteen Blogs
Some of them are new, but not all of them!!

1. Erica at Fashion Meets Food
2. Lindsay at Healthy Stride
3. Melissa at Try, Try Again
4. Ann at She Woke Up Fat
5. JAMS at Running My Mouth
6. Ms. Chick at This Chunky Chick
7. Seth at Fit with a Purpose (Happy Birthday!!)
8. Keelie at Real Fat
9. Debbie at Weigh to Go
12. Tiff at Project 365

I nominated you guys because I love reading your blogs!!

Thanks again Lauren!!


  1. OMG I LOVE the smell of new crayons too! lol hilarious

  2. Oh my goodness thank you so much for the award gorgeous!! I moved from Michigan to Pennsylvania with the boy and you can find me saying I miss this about Michigan and that. Good thing i'm only 5 hours away from Michigan or I might go crazy! I adore Texas, and I was very upset when my "Don`t mess with Texas" t-shirt got ruined :/. I have only been there once and will probably never be able to return. My BFF is a book publisher keep that in mind since I <3 you :] . I love the smell of new crayons as well lol.


  3. Thank you for the award! I'm so far behind on everything in my life, but I promise to pass it along this weekend!

    I loved finding out more about you. I LOVE Texas and was absolutely miserable when I lived in Oklahoma!! One of my dreams is be a published author, too.

    Thank you again for the award!


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