Friday, July 23, 2010

Fess Up Friday (1)

I have another Blog called Bookworm in Training. I say this because one of the things in book blogger world is to have a meme that people participate in to get to know each other and meet new people. I thought I would start one that I call Fess Up Friday. This is a place where you can fess up to something that you may have not done too well on this week or has been weighing on your mind.

How do I take part in this weekly meme? Well, let me tell you!!

First, you make a post on your blog fessing up to something. It could be anything!

Second, you add the Fess Up Friday logo to your post so others know you are participating. Add a link to my blog so they can participate too!

Third, add your link to the bottom in my link wizard thing so others can go and check out your blog!

Fourth, leave a comment so I know you are participating and if you like this meme!!

Do I have to participate every week? No!
You can if you want, or you can come and go as you please!

I hope that you do participate and you enjoy reading others blogs as well.

Fess Up Friday

I went to a party on Wednesday and ate two pieces of cake and didn't feel guilty about it!!

What about you??

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