Friday, July 16, 2010

Pants Shopping

I decided to go and try on clothes today since my oldest son is out camping with my in-laws and I only had one kid to cart around. I start back to work after a not long rnough summer in August and I really want to be stylish this year. In the past I have just thrown on whatever was clean, combed my hair, and ran out the door in 30 minutes. That includes getting the boys dressed too.

At the end of last year I had gotten into the routine of getting up with my husband around 5 and doing a workout video and eating breakfast. I actually really enjoyed the mornings. Of course since summer has started, I haven't gotten up earlier than 7:30. It has been so nice sleeping in. I think I am going to get back into my routine starting the beginning of August.

So, back to the shopping. I put on some size 12 pants at one of my favorite stores, Ann Taylor Loft, and found that they were a little snug. The blue jeans I am wearing are a size 10, but they are also stretch. If you wear dress pants or at least tried them on, you know that they can vary in fit and size. I was going crazy!!

I refuse to buy pants in the same size that I wore last year. I need to ge to work!!

Confession: I can't kick the sunflower seeds and soda!! Help!!

Cheer: I did try to go to the gym today....but was turned away because they had already closed the kid area. Boo!!

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