Sunday, July 18, 2010

Food shopping

Today me and the hubby went grocery shopping so that this week we have no excuses to eat out. I am going to get up earlier and make a real breakfast (Ive just been eating cereal lately) and then I'm going to go work out before lunch.

I am still cleaning up my house. I think I let it get out of control and I have been working every day to get it spotless. Well, so that I at least can have it nice enough to have people pver for dinner. I have noticed this summer than I am becoming a hoarder. Have any of you guys seen that show on tv? Well, I am not that bad, but if not stopped now, I could become that crazy lady on tv. I remember back when I was in high school I kept everything. Magazines, old school papers, and I had a ton of just plain junk. Not sure where I get this from because my moms house is so clean.

Anyways, this summer I have learned a lot and I am looking forward to going back to school a happier and healthier person. Now all I need to do is get my butt in gear and work overtime!!

Confession: I haven't really eaten anything horrible today, but I haven't eaten enough today to keep my body happy with me.

Cheer: I bought fresh fruit, veggies, and planned out our whole week of food!!


  1. Yea for grocery shopping! I sometimes am at my most motivated when I come home from the store with lots of yummy/good for me food to eat! Planning can make your week great!!!!

  2. I like reading your blog Laura. Your posts are inspirational and interesting to read. Keep at it, turning all these things into the normal habit/way of life is what needs to be done :)


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