Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WW Weigh In #1= 2.4 lb loss!!

Drum roll please........(insert funny tongue noise here).....

WW Weight In #1: -2.4 pounds!!!

I am really happy with my loss this week. I think I have fnally got my mind wrapped around this whole weightloss thing=)

I realize that I've been keeping myself from going for my dream of becoming a writer. I keep telling myself that noone will be my agent once they see how big I am. I also don't want to have my picture taken for the back cover with me looking so fat. But instead of doing something about it so I can go for my dream, I use it as an excuse. I am tired of being scared of the future. I do want to look good on the back cover, so let's do soemthing about it!!

Confession: I really, really, really want to eat a whole pint of icecream right now!! But I won't!!

Cheer: I loost 2.4 pounds this week!!!


  1. WOOHOO!!!!! It'll just get easier as the weeks go on! Keep it up!

  2. hi hun, congrats on ur loss, in answer to ur question the cup has pasta and tomato sauce in it, its free on the diet i do which is slimming world (only the spicy tomato one)they are simmilar to pot noodles (do u get those in the states?)

    this is the link to the manufactures products site x
    http://www.symingtons.com/brands/golden-wonder-featured-launch/the-nations-noodle-pasta . it might just be a british thing?

  3. Congrats on the loss. Are you on the new plan? I gained 7 pounds my first week on the new plan and four the next I was not pleased and went back to the old plan. Girl be seen... and remember there is always photoshop lol. You are absolutely gorgeous.... get yourself out there.


  4. Are you still on Weight Watchers? UPDATE!!! I just updated my blog and plan on trying to update often. I need to lose about 15 pounds (obviously more than that, but I'll take 15). I got my 30 Day Shred dvd a while back, but life has been hectic along with a billion other "good" excuses. :)


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