Thursday, November 4, 2010

Potty Dance

WW- Day 2

The one bad thing about getting all of your water in for the day is the many trips to the bathroom that you take.

Now, this wouldn't normally be a problem...but I am a teacher!! I also work outside in a portable unit....several feet from the nearest restroom!! Thank goodness I have a great set of kiddos who I can trust to leave for a short period of time (with the neighbor teacher watching of course!) to let me go and take care of business.

It has even become a joke in the classroom when they see me doing the "Potty Dance." After several minutes of this dance they finally just yell at me to go to the bathroom. LOL

I found this funny photo online that I had to share. This is what I look like standing in front of my classroom!! Enjoy!!

Confession: I had a few cookies today...just three...and they were small.....not too bad right?

Cheer: I counted my points today and even got in all of my water!! I even counted those cookies in=)

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