Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feel the burn!!

I remember way back when...I was working out almost every morning...I lost around 12 inches off my body...and I felt so energized the rest of the day...where did those glorious days go?? I know!!! Straight back to bed to sleep in.

So, I was thinking last night. How can I expect a 2 pound loss this week after smaller numbers these last few weeks if I don't give it my all? I could get upset at the end of the week for not pulling a bigger number...but if I give it my 100% and I still come up short, then at least I did everything I could.

So, this morning I woke up early to do a workout video on my free On Demand channel. I feel great!! My mood has improved so much!!

This 10 pound loss will be such a big deal for me personally. For those of you who have been around since the begnning, you know that after 3-5 pounds, I quit. Well, not this time!! I am going for gold and it feels so good!!

Confession:  Last night the dinner was so yummy that I made, I had two servings. Two servings? That's a lot. I should have just had one.

Cheer: I made it through the day wihout any sugar. Now that is something to cheer about!! Also, I woke up early to work out!!


  1. Well done on the sugar and getting out of bed to work out! It's never easy (in fact, that's the hardest thing for me), but you always feel so good after! Keep it up!

  2. I guess we all have to give it our all. I need to get back to it, too. I once was a regular at the gym. Sigh.


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