Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another loss!!

I had a .6 loss this week. Really happy about it. Just two more pounds till I hit the 10 pound mark. Haven't seen that since I started this journey a year ago. Can you believe it took me a whole year to lose just 10 pounds? Well, it didn't come on in a year, and it wont come off in a year. I just need to keep chugging.

I really did grow a lot this past year. I actually went to WW on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve so I wouldn't miss a week. That is huge!! This weekend my kiddos were in a Kiddie BBQ cookoff and my hubby was in the adult one. I came home and slept because it was in the area, and I woke up early to go weigh in at WW. My friend stayed in the car with my boys so I could run in. Now that is dedication. I didn't do too bad at the cookoff. I only had one drink and I only drank about half. Can you believe that? I did eat some BBQ (who wouldn't?) but I did do a lot of walking. So I think I burned it off pretty good.

Confession: I had a York today when I went to the store.

Cheer: I didn't let anything get it the way of me weighing in!!

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