Sunday, October 3, 2010


Last Weeks Weight: 189
This Weeks Weight: 189.5

Stress is my number one trigger. I am the kind of person where when I go to bed at night it takes a good 30 minutes formy brain to shut off. I think about things from the day, usually the bad things, and then think about all ofthe crazy things I have to do in the week, and sometimes the month.

Some of my stresses include, but are not limited to: Husband drama, children drama, work drama, homework drama, bills drama, food drama, and the fear of failure. That's a lot going on in my head and it happens all day long.

So what do I do to cope with the stress? I eat sugar. I go to the store and buy a big bag of chocolate, not the individual size at the cashier, the enough for five people bag of chocolate. Then I lay in my bed and proceed to eat the whole bag. Of course my children are taking a nap so I don't have to share any of it with them. Or I hide it in my desk at work and eat it in between classes.

Last night my husband and I got into a class at argument when he tried to be intimate with me and I pushed him away. The stress I have had these past few months have just shut me down in that department. How can I be intimate with my partner if I don't feel good about myself? He gotupset with me andI just had to tell him everything that was bothering me. In the end, after about an hour or two of talking, we came to the conculsion that we both need to help each other out at home.

One thing I did realize, is that one way that I can positively get rid of stress is go to the gym. I plan on going every Mon, Wedn, and Fri. He said I needed to find something I like to do, and right now, running is it.

Confession: I am starting to realize some eating disorder habits of mine and I am trying to nip that in the bud fast.

Cheer: I bought a new cookbook today and I plan on doing a new recipe every day this week!! Better than eating out!!


  1. Aw, i am so sorry about all the drama, Googie! I hope things get better real soon. HUGS!

  2. :( I hope that things get easier and better soon! Take some "me" time and de-stress yourself. Stress will always be a part of your (and everyone's) life, so hopefully you'll find some awesome de-stressers!

    I'm going to TRY blogging on here. It'll start out as practice and if I like it maybe I'll venture out to other blogs and find support!

  3. hey hun.
    i'm glad you and your husband were able to talk about it!

    i also wanted to thank you for following + supporting my old blog and i want to invite you to follow my new blog: dimplesnatcherblog.com

    be well.


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