Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Biggest Loser

So, I am sitting here watching The Biggest Loser (my fav show) and I am just in tears....

I am usually crying about the people on the show, but tonight I am crying for myself. I have fallen off the wagon and have not had any motivation to get up at 5am and workout. I havent been to the gym in a few weeks and I remember how much fun I had while there.

I need to get my butt up and do this!!!

What have you done today to make yourself proud??

I'm back guys for good!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Welcome back! You can do it!!! :-)

  2. I looked in the mirror and smiled. I technically gained weight this last week, but I don't feel it at all. All I could do is keep doing what I'm doing and not beat myself up about it. I packed my gym bag, had a nice, healthy breakfast and went to work.

    Being upset with yourself will just make you more depressed, and fall off the wagon further. Just get up, dust yourself off and tell yourself you're worth it to start again.

  3. you get up at 5 a.m. to workout?!
    i don't know if i want to be thin that badly!
    glad you're back.


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