Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Looking Forward

I am looking forwad to going to WW next week. I am trying to not think of this week as an "eat everything in sight before I am put on a strict eating plan" week.

I'm happy to say that I have been cooking at home this week. Something that hasn't happened in awhile. I think my hubby has been happy with it too. I enjoy looking for deals and shopping at the store. My hubby has been watching the boys for me, so I see shopping for groceries as a time to relax and enjoy time for myself.

Last weeks bill was only $40 and that was including diapers. How did I get this so cheaply? I found the Kraft Food & Family website that has this feature called 5 meals in a bag. I got everything that they said to get and it as so cheap!! It even includes the nutritional info as well!! My hubby is happy about the price and I am starting to enjoy cooking at home again. The one thing that has kept me happy about cooking is that I have been cleaning up as soon as we are done eating. When the kitchen is clean, I want to cook!!

Confession: Still need to kick the coke habit before next week!! And the sugar one too!! LOL

Cheer: I am doing so well about not eating out!!


  1. I love cooking at home! Its easy, healthy and most importantly light on the pocket :D


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